February 3rd, 2021

A freshness of Life.

Cabin on hillside next to a small lake with a black sedan

As I sat down to write some thoughts this evening, the only word that I could think to describe my life, in these early stages of complete renewal is simply — fresh. There is this new-found freshness in my life and honestly, it feels really, really wonderful.

I could credit this feeling to many factors that are evolving and ever-changing but I really just want to slow down, soak it all up, grow, and give glory to the Lord.

The Lord has been faithful to me.

It’s surreal to look back on the last four years and see how the Lord has had His hand on my every moment.

I walked through hell with my closest friends, made decisions with costs that I never would’ve wanted to pay, and grieved losses I never could’ve prepared for. It was messy but, it's a critical part of my story.

In those same four years, I married my best friend, found myself surrounded by mentors and leaders that carry themselves with conviction and vision, re-established my faith in Jesus, became a Father, and completely re-defined who the Waldron family will be for generations.

The Lord has been faithful to me.

Right now, Jesus is stirring up my heart for many fresh things He has planned long ago. Purposes He has knitted into my soul while I was still in my mother’s womb. Callings He has been faithful toward through breath in my lungs. (Ephesians 2:10)

The past four years have been preparing me for the purpose and calling He is leading me into now. No wonder my life feels “fresh” right now. I feel as if I am a phoenix on the brim of combusting into flames simply to rise from the ashes once again, born again, into the purpose God has laid before me.

It’s a bit intimidating honestly. No longer do I have the liberty to live life in a spirit of whimsical freedom, like a child, barely caring about the next moment or decision (1 Corinthians 13:11-12). Now, the Lord has called me into intentional leadership of my family, business, and circles of influence.

My prayer is, that the Lord will help me daily to lead intentionally and love unconditionally. That He would continue to battle against fear of death and uncertainty for the future. That He would guide my every moment, just as He has over the last four years. That He would give me clear vision for my family and give strength to lead them with patience and conviction. And finally, that He would renew my life, day in and day out, so that this “freshness” of life will ever be present as a sign that He is with me.

© 2022 Adrian Waldron