👋🏼 Hey there, My name is Adrian.

I am the CEO at Cancer Doctor. We exist to help cancer patients find the best integrative cancer doctors in the world.

In the moments when I’m not thinking about the business—I love to spend my time chasing our 2-year-old daughter around our home, relaxing with my incredible wife, and playing wiffle ball with my brother-in-law.

After losing my mother to T-cell Lymphoma at 19—my life (and faith) was completely turned upside down. I needed hope and answers.

I’ve come to trust and know that Jesus is the Messiah. He has laid everything down for an opportunity to know us and desires our heart’s attention.

I promise you—He alone is worthy of all things.

☕️ Other Things I Enjoy Doing

  • 📸 Photography
  • 🎸 Electric Guitar
  • 🛹 Skateboarding
  • ⚾️ Over-analyzing Baseball (go Braves!)
  • 🧱 Building with LEGOs

📚My Top 3 Books

  • Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • The Great CEO Within by Alex MacCaw, Matt Mochary, and Misha Talavera