November 9th, 2021

Cabin on the Vineyard

Cabin on hillside next to a small lake with a black sedan

Prepare the way

So, apparently some people do a second "honeymoon" after you get pregnant with your first baby and you are a few months away from the due-date (called a babymoon). It's meant to mentally prepare you for having a baby (I've been told this isn't really possible). My wife suggested that we plan something like this for us as Laniakea is due in February. Currently, we are sitting on a couch, in a small cabin, built on a vineyard, in southern Illinois.

As we were driving into town yesterday, we made a stop by the grocery store. I noticed that this town (Cobden, Illinois) is like a small farm-town. Everybody seemed to know each other, and the biggest "attractions" if you will, are some random breweries and wine bars scattered across the hills--needless to say, it's perfect for what we are trying to accomplish this week. Our priorities for this "getaway" are to spend time with one another minus all the distractions we face on a day-to-day basis, pray over Lani and the family vision we are in the process of creating, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

The biggest questions I have for you.

What is the one thing that God wants for you to accomplish for today?


How have you glorified the Lord today?

I found myself asking myself these questions on our drive yesterday.. and honestly, I didn't instantly have an answer for either. Transparently, I need to spend more time with the Father and have a rifle-approach vision for each moment of the day. (also a squirrel just walked across the back porch and it freaked both of us out lol)

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