March 1st, 2022

Fatherly Perspectives

Cabin on hillside next to a small lake with a black sedan

A glimpse of The Father

This past Saturday I had a glimpse of what The Father sees as He is aware of every trial, outcome, and victory in our lives.

Lani was laying down and we could hear a snorting sound from her nose. We know that this is generally a sign that she has some mucus stuck in her nose.

When we encountered this the first time, our pediatrician told us to use the bulb sucker thingy that the hospital gives you (lol I have no idea what that thing is actually called)

So, I grabbed the sucker thingy and started closing one nostril and sucking another...

Guess what. Instant crying and screaming erupted from our cute little girl.

From her perspective, she felt discomfort and pain. She felt that in that moment there was no reason for her nostrils to be sucked up and that the uncomfortable feelings had no purpose.

From her perspective, there was just a bad thing happening to a good girl.

We have this same mindset in trials

We often walk through life with these types of attitudes. When things go wrong, we think about how it’s “not fair” or “doesn’t make sense”.

The truth of all this is that we’re right.

A lot of times, we don’t see the end result—we don’t see the overall good from the temporary pain. Sometimes, it truly is "not fair" and "doesn't makes sense".

The thing is, from a fatherly perspective, I knew that the mucus stuck in Lani's nose was bothering her (whether subconsciously or not) and that removing the mucus would allow her to breathe better, feel better—live freer.

I was in a position to see a holistic perspective of the current problem, necessary uncomfortable and painful solution, and the overall freedom of the results.

Let this silly situation remind us that The Father has the same perspective of every trial and situation we have, are, or will walk through.

He sees our mess. He sees the uncomfortable, painful, yet righteous solution. And He always sees the glory and benefits of the results of any discomfort and pain we feel during the process.

Jesus is good, has always been good, and will forever be good towards those who call upon His name and glorify Him.

I’m so thankful that the Lord has revealed this truth to me in such a tangible, applicable way. I am anxiously looking forward to the new lessons and moments of reflection throughout this parenting process.

© 2022 Adrian Waldron