Adrian Waldron

I believe that God has placed an incredible calling on my life, so I am living in an attempt to lead intentionally and love unconditionally

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A few things I'm working on


Cancer Data Group

I run operations for a digital consulting group called Cancer Data Group. We exclusively help alternative and integrative cancer treatment centers provide the easiest and most helpful experiences for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Cancer Doctor, a product of Cancer Data Group, provides location based search results for cancer patients looking for alternative and integrative cancer treatment. Think of an AirBNB for alternative and integrative cancer care.

Personal Website

I always wanted to have a personal website. So, I decided I was going to sit down, figure it out, and learn as much as I could along the way. I found a ton of awesome tools to make it simple and extremely fast.

Family Vision

My wife and I are currently reading through Family Vision, written by our Pastor. This book walks you through how to approach parenting form a biblical point of view and step into God's Vision for your Family.

Commitment Tracking

As my wife and I were driving up to our baby moon, we were listening to Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor. His Commitment Tracking System has drastically changed the way we handle our tasks.

Dad Mode On

4 Weeks earlier than expected, our lives changed forever. Our gorgeous daughter, Laniakea, was born and we could not be more excited to see what the Lord is going to do through her.

Waldron Photography

After our daughter was born, I wanted to learn how to intentionally capture some of her greatest moments growing up. As I learned and learned, I figured, "why not do this for other families?". Thus, Waldron Photography was created!

Adrian Waldron

what a guy.

My life is an attempt to lead intentionally and love unconditionally.

Follow my Journey

One day, I may send you an email - who knows.

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